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At wobbleyou, we don't have a certain type of customer.  But read on to understand why our lovely clients keep coming back again and again...


We aren't like a gym with all it's trends and pressures to fit in. Our customers come from all walks of life. Our customers are just like YOU.

"wobbleyou has given

me a whole new outlook on life.

I had spent £100’s in gym memberships previously and never felt comfortable in going. Discovering wobbleyou has been amazing - the staff are extremely friendly and make you feel very welcome.


Using the machine could not be easier and the results have been amazing. I have lost over a stone in a couple of months, 2 inches on my waist and 6% body fat! It’s quick, easy and very effective. I was very sceptical but now I'm hooked!""


Dave, Manchester City Centre

our actively retired


"Thank you for helping me lose weight and drop a dress size & a half in just 4 weeks"


Denise, Oldham


On third month of

unlimited wobbling and results are amazing. Much more toned legs, bum, hips & thighs. Even my friends are noticing now. Fab location, studio and staff - Really interested and knowledgeable. This is the only exercise I've

stuck to, and enjoyed!"

Alison - Manchester

"I've been wobbling

for 2 months and due to a combination of wobbles on the FLABéLOS machines and awesome advice from the lovely staff I am one step closer to reaching my goal of being a fit and healthy size 10 (I started a size 14). Good, fun, and quick way to exercise either by yourself or with friends. I cant wait to get back to wobbling!"

Emma - Glossop

"Since joining

wobbleyou in April, along

with radically changing my diet,

I have lost over six stone! I really believe that FLABéLOS has massively helped me to tone as I have lost weight, and has given me a confidence I haven’t had for years. Dan, Rachel & Mark are just wonderful, so helpful and never judgemental.

JOIN! You won’t regret it."

Cat - Manchester

"I have done

2 sessions a day, for

5 days. I feel a lot more energetic and definitely lost some of my waistline. A great way to become fitter without too much effort. Thanks everyone!!"

Clive - Accrington

"Love wobbleyou.

I've had a back problem

and can't do conventional exercise but wobbleyou has helped. I have lost inches off my hips, waist and thighs. Great place, fantastic staff and my back is a lot stronger"

Alison - Wigan

"After just a

couple of ‘leg massage’ wobble sessions, my painful shin splints have been greatly relieved. I've also noticed a big reduction in the amount of cellulite on the backs of my thighs! Brilliant!"

Jenny - Manchester

client results

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I just wanted to thank the lovely team at wobbleyou for the brilliant results I'm already seeing after just 4 weeks of wobbling.


I signed up with the goal of toning up and I'm glad to report that I can already see results, especially in my legs and bum, I felt great in my bikini on holiday!”


Zoe, Whitefield

I have used FLABéLOS for 4 weeks and lost 5lbs and improved my back pain significantly. I fit comfortably back in my clothes again! Magic!"


Jamilla, Oldham


“I have been using the FLABéLOS machine now for 6 weeks, 3 times a week and have really noticed a difference.


I have lost weight and inches! Really pleased.”


Michelle, Manchester

"We have been using wobbleyou on a regular basis for 8 weeks and can honestly say that it is a truly amazing experience!

Not only is the studio a magnificent space, the staff are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and courteous.

We have both lost weight, inches & feel more energised and toned than we have in a long time.  Thank you wobbleyou - you are absolutely the best!"


Janette & Barry, Oldham

"On my third month with FLABéLOS and along with watching my diet I have lost a stone – another half a stone to go.


I definitely feel more toned in my legs and waist.


Keep wobbling!"


Catherine, Todmorden

"Absolutely fantastic customer service and advice!




My weight loss had become static and due to a hip problem, I find it difficult to do strenuous exercise.

Since starting at wobbleyou, I have lost 6lbs in weight and more importantly inches. I have finally got back into size 10 jeans!’"


Janet, Manchester

"I've been using wobbleyou for several months, on a daily basis.

I've seen great results on my legs & bum which are much more toned.

I’ve just started doing some stance changes so look forward to seeing even more results!"


Kathy, Liverpool

"I was wasting money on a gym membership. I could never be bothered to attend.


Now I come to wobbleyou everyday after work where there is always a friendly welcome & it's really making a difference to my waist line!"


Paul, Manchester

"I've been using the machines for a few months now and can see the difference! Would recommend as it is very convenient to come along on your lunch break. Also very friendly staff"


Rachel, Manchester

"The studio is always clean and the staff are very friendly and you are always made to feel welcome.

Going to wobbleyou is now part of my daily routine because it’s a great way to start the day as it wakes you up and gives you energy to get going. The benefits also include toning up and finding my waist again.

A really fun way to tone up & lose weight!"


Janet, Wallington


All these testimonials are real and from our very own clients who have wobbled with us in Manchester.

"I have chronic lower

back pain and had gained weight recently. It made me feel down & I also felt uncomfortable in my clothes. I was told not to do most conventional exercises.

"Really lovely environment, great staff.

Very friendly and approachable.


Would recommend it!"


Karen, Manchester



"I've been wobbling for the last couple of months. I wobble each morning and afternoon and find the £35 unlimited very cost effective.


I've noticed how toned my legs and upper body have become.


I also enjoy wobbling as a social gathering. I wobble with friends and have a catch up. The staff are brilliant, always a smile early in the morning and very helpful if advice is needed.


Really enjoy my time there - more fun than a chore!"


Veronica, Manchester


"Staff are friendly & helpful.

The machines are fab, they make me smile.


I feel more toned and really enjoy my sessions which I try to do twice a day"



Jill, Manchester