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How does FLABéLOS work?


FLABéLOS is based on the 'balancing theory' in sports science. The machine oscillates on a pivotal system, which produces a see-saw movement. The body will respond to this movement by trying to stabilise itself.


The tilting movement results in rapid muscle contractions and generates vibration impulses to the muscles. These impulses travel to the spinal cord along the nerves that control the muscles for balancing movement. Changes in amplitude and speed create a greater number of involuntary muscle contractions which subsequently increases the impact on the muscles.


What is FLABéLOS?


FLABéLOS is one of the most popular whole body vibration machines in the UK, over 2,000 health & beauty salons already use and recommend it.


It is the ultimate whole body vibration workout machine that gives your body the benefit of a 1 hour workout in just 10 minutes. Quick and easy to use, FLABéLOS will have you noticing and feeling a difference immediately! Read more about this amazing technology here.

How much do you need to use FLABéLOS to get results?


It goes without saying that doing just 1-2 sessions a week won't make a significant difference. wobbleyou recommend at least 3-4 wobbles each week, just as you would do with conventional exercise. After around 3 weeks (maybe even before!) you should start seeing some results. With as little as 4 x 10 minute sessions a week, you could drop a dress size in 3 weeks - it has happened! The benefits of vibration technology are supported by 40 years of research – results which we have experienced first-hand.

How often can I use FLABéLOS?


It's perfectly safe to use FLABéLOS every day!


The machines are high impact on your muscles but low impact on your joints meaning it is completely safe to use the machines daily.


You can complete more than one session at a time, but we generally recommend no more than three wobbles back-to-back as this can start to ache your knees and legs (remember that 3 sessions is the equivalent to a 3 hour workout!).


Some of our unlimited clients do multiple sessions, or even multiple visits in the same day!

Does it actually work?


One of the most popular searches people make before finding our site is this exact question. And the answer is absolutely YES! We've helped many clients fit into that all important outfit, drop pounds before a holiday or simply just squeeze regular exercise into their busy schedules.


One way to test the immediate effects of FLABéLOS working is the "touch your toes test". Keeping your legs straight, try and touch your toes before your wobble. Try it again after your session and see how much your flexibility has increased after just 10 minutes!


Don't believe us? Check out some of our own client testimonials here.

Do I have to do exercises on the machine?


The simple answer is no, making FLABéLOS an extremely convenient way to keep in shape. Because of the oscillating nature of the machine, it works your whole body at once. This means that you can achieve results just by standing on the platform!


There are however difference stance changes you can do whilst wobbling which will target different areas of the body (i.e. upper body, arms, bum etc) and we have posters indicating these at the studio, or can demonstrate them for you if that makes it easier!

I want to give FLABéLOS a go - do I need to book?


Absolutely not! Our lovely studio operates very flexibly and our clients simply pop in whenever they like for their 10 minute wobble. On your first visit there is a short form to pop all your details on, and a few questions to check you are OK to use the machines. We'll then give you a brief overview of how the machines work and what you can expect to gain out of using them. Most people are in our studio no longer than 15 minutes when having their first session. And remember your first session is completely FREE with no obligation to buy.

What should I wear?


Anything you like! One of the many great things about FLABéLOS is that it won't make you sweat, so come wearing whatever! All you need to do to use the machine is pop off your shoes. You can use the machines bare-foot (we disinfect machines after every use) and we do have single use slippers available free-of-charge.

Are there any medical restrictions?


There are a few medical contra-indications which may prevent some people from using FLABéLOS. We have a brief form to check these out before your first session. Should one of the contra-indications listed below apply to you, you are not necessarily excluded from using the FLABéLOS machine but we would advise checking with your doctor first. Some of the contra-indications are:


- Heart disease                                                                                                           - Tumours / Acute hernia                


- Diabetes (if under treatment this may be OK)                                                    - Pacemakers


- Pregnancy or recently post-natal                                                                         - Severe migraine / Discopathy / Spondylosis


- Recent surgery / wounds (last 3 months)                                                             - Severe back pain / Artificial joints


- Epilepsy                                                                                                                      - Recent IUD's / Coils / Metal pins / Bolts


- Deep Vein Thrombosis                                                                                             - Acute diseases / Inflammation processes


If you have any queries at all about any of the contra-indications, please give us a call.

Is there an age limit?


There is no upper age limit.


There is a lower age limit of 16, and the child must be accompanied by an adult. Anyone under 16 should have approval from a physician or doctor prior to using the machines.

Is there a weight limit?


Our FLABéLOS machines have a maximum permitted weight of 150kg which is approximately 23 and a half stone.

How will I feel after my first session?


After your first wobble you might feel a variety of things; after all your body has had a workout! The most common feeling is itching - this is completely normal and actually a very good thing! It demonstrates that the blood in your body is circulating well and coming to the surface of your skin.


Other first-timers have reported stitches and sore legs - all completely normal as the body gets used to the type of exercise. The feeling subsides very quickly and often after 2-3 wobbles these side effects completely disappear. If not and you want some tips, give one of the team a shout!

I'm interested in buying unlimited - is it actually unlimited?


Yes of course! We don't put any limits on how often our unlimited clients can use our fantastic machines. The only thing we do recommend however is that clients do not exceed 3 sessions at once (i.e. 30 minutes on the machine). Being as this is the equivalent to a 3 hour workout, the legs and knees may become sore or strained. However clients are completely welcome to wobble on multiple occasions during the day if they wish - some come before work and then again on their way home!

FLABéLOS vs. Power Plate – Is it the same thing?


No - but don't feel silly for wondering! A lot of people who come into our studio ask exactly the same question!


FLABéLOS is similar in concept to Power Plate; however due to the oscillation movement of the platform rather than the vibrational action on a Power Plate, FLABéLOS is able to work the whole body at once.


Power Plate normally requires certain stances to be made on the machines rather than with FLABéLOS where you can just stand on the machine and still get the full effect, all without sweating, and in whatever clothes you like!


Oscillating vibration motion

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Can I use FLABéLOS while pregnant?


Unfortunately not - sorry!


But after birth it's a perfect way to help shift that baby bump!

I haven't lost any weight using FLABéLOS - why?


It's important to remember that muscle in your body is heavier than fat. So as FLABéLOS is working toning the body (increasing your muscle and losing the fat) you may find your weight doesn't shift much but the inches should come right off.


You should be feeling more toned and seeing your clothes a bit looser in no time!

I've got a coil fitted - can I use FLABéLOS?


Yes - but if it's a recently fitted coil we do advise at least 12 weeks since fitting, and also checking with your doctor that you will be safe to use FLABéLOS.