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If you love FLABéLOS and you're a frequent wobbler it might cost you less to become an unlimited member...

What's the deal?


We've kept it as straightforward as possible - give us £24.50 a month and you can wobble as much as you like! That's right - unlimited wobbles for just £24.50 a month.


Is there any contract?


There are a small number of terms & conditions (see here) but most importantly you can cancel with just 30 days notice - anytime.

How do I sign up?


Easy! Just click the join button to the right to be taken to our payments provider GoCardless. You'll be set up in minutes! When you're in the studio next we'll just get you to agree to the terms & conditions and take your pro-rata - worked out at just 79p per day until your first direct debit payment.


Alternatively just pop into the studio and a member of team wobble can get you started straightaway.

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