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What is FLABéLOS?

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FLABéLOS is one of the most popular whole body vibration worldwide. Over 2,000 health and beauty salons in the UK alone already use and recommend it.


Backed by 40 years of scientific research FLABéLOS is the ultimate whole body vibration machine that gives your body the benefit of a one hour workout in just 10 minutes.

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Originally created for Russian Astronauts to combat the effects of a gravity environment, FLABéLOS works all muscle groups within 10 minutes.


The FLABéLOS machine differs from other vibration plates due to the oscillation movement of the platform, as well as a vibration. This see-saw movement stimulates the body’s natural “stretch” reflex, causing the muscles to involuntarily contract at a rapid intensity as the body attempts to stabilize itself.

FLABéLOS is the only whole body vibration workout machine to be registered as a Class IIa Medical Device.


This means that it can be safely recommended for use by healthcare providers & physiotherapists.


Class IIa registered devices have a proven record for pain relief and improvements in mobility.






Lower Back



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What are the benefits of FLABéLOS?


FLABéLOS works for normal people just like you - regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Some of the benefits you can expect to see with regular wobbling include:


• Toning and aiding weight loss - Increases metabolic rate to help burn fat, tones key areas of the body & reduces appearance of cellulite.


• Fitness – Complements conventional training programmes, improves muscle power and strength and aids muscle recovery.


• Medical Rehabilitation – Relieves lower back pain & speeds up injury recovery.


• Medical benefits for mature clients – Improves mobility and flexibility, strengthens joints & increases bone density.


• General Medical – Improves circulation, elevates endorphin levels (‘feel’ good hormones) & normalises insulin levels.


• Anti-Ageing – Strengthens collagen & maintains skin elasticity.

all this just by standing still...

FLABéLOS vs. Power Plate - what's the difference?


A good question and one we are asked at least once a week! Power Plate is strictly vibrational technology which requires the user to undertake different poses & exercises on it. FLABéLOS is oscillational which automatically gives your body a workout without any of the strenuous activity!